Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spreading Social Awareness Reflection

People believe that crime arises from poverty. People who don’t exactly have all the neccesities of a well upbringing are more likely to commit crimes or be involved in them. In the Bronx, a young teenager was killed, and no one knows who commited the murder. The area is a very poor one, but her neighbors stated that she was never the kind of girl to go looking for problems and was a good student. 

The fact that she was a teenage girl in high school upsets me because she was killed so young. But what does this say about us New Yorkers? While I live in a great part of the city, others don’t, and instead they are dealing with the possibility of being involved in crimes on a daily basis. I think that the elected officials of that community should try and look for a solution for the crimes committed. If they had been pro-active Luzbenet Ramirez might have still been alive. This opened my eyes to see that a person’s environment could definitely be a huge variable in one’s life, her neighborhood has few security watches and she was living with a couple who wasn’t her family. People have to become more aware of issues like these to prevent future slayings of not only the youth but everyone as well.

Healthcare is another topic that everyone has knowledge about because ever since Obama’s Healthcare reform bill passed, health related topics have been glorified by the media. In the news they state how NY elected officials seek to improve the database for the health records system by making it statewide. Their plan is to have all the records go into an electronic system and thus making it much easier on the patient who might be switching insurance companies.  The NY eHealth Collaborative declares that this system will help cut costs and in general be a useful way to keep records.

I think it’s a great idea because new technology is constantly being developed and by having the health records on the computer its saving a lot of time, money and even paper. Our state only has 40% of health records on computers, we should ask our representatives to vote for this proposal because it will be very beneficial to the people. 

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