Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hope (Picture Book Draft)

In a place not so far off, following the Big Woods of Feriae, you will find the town of Feriae. Feriae is a very festive place. It has parades, and parties to celebrate every holiday known to man kind.

Every year at around Christmastime, the big tree choppers head off into the Big Woods of Feriae. The trees they cut are then brought to the Feriae Square. A big ceremony is held and everyone in Feriae helps decorate the trees.

There are big trees and small trees, fat trees and large trees. Trees of any shape and color. But one tree in particular was the most remarkable of them all. Her name was Hope, and she was the smallest tree in existence.

When she first arrived to the Feriae Square, everyone crowded around her. They ooh-ed and ahh-ed while everyone took their turns helping to decorate her.

When night finally settled in Feriae, all the people left the square for a drink of hot chocolate. Hope was by far the most decorated tree. Faith, a fellow tree at the square who had been so used to being the center of attention, grew very jealous of Hope very quickly. She had a plan to be the very best tree again.

Every night while the town slept, after the trees had done a little partying with each other to help welcome the holiday season, Faith walked over to Hope and took some decorations for her own self.

Christmas grew closer and the bustle of the townspeople was very cheery. Faith was now the most decorated tree in Feriae and Hope, sadly, had hardly any decorations at all.

She sighed. Maybe I wasn't meant to be pretty, she thought. I should just be happy to be a part of all this excitement. And look at Faith, she was so gloomy before and she's so happy. I think I will just be happy for her.

But as much as Hope tried, she could still not find the holiday spirit in her.

Joseph, a small boy from town, found Hope looking all small and gloomy. Faith noticed too and soon felt very bad. Joseph saw all the excess decorations on Faith and he quickly started to put some of Faith's decorations onto Hope. Faith didn't protest for she knew what she had done was wrong.

Later that night when the people of Feriae were too busy celebrating Christmas Eve, Faith went over to Hope.

"Hope, I just wanted to say that I am extremely sorry for what I did'" Faith apologized. "You didn't deserve that. I was jealous of your beauty and truth is, I just loved how you looked in all those decorations. I just wanted a little of that for my own. If I give you my bright shining star, can you accept it and forgive me?"

"Of course. That is so thoughtful of you. Thanks!" Hope exclaimed.

And with that, both trees resumed to the party and continued to celebrate what might turn out to be the best Christmas ever.

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