Monday, November 22, 2010

Research Assignment #2: Racism

Racism is defined as the prejudice that members of one race are superior to members of another race by In this world today, this idea of racism has spread tremendously to people everywhere of all ages and races. Racism is now a global issue. At, they say that racism is starting to rise up and is becoming a quick weapon for fear through hatred. One may bully, whether it be cyber, physical, or verbal others into thinking the same beliefs about the idea of racism.

The only group of people I see as hardly affected by racism are younger kids. They're too young to understand the real and harmful world.

Look at me,
Now look at you.
What's the difference between us two?

Surely not our eyes,
Shining with scarce cries,
Not our hands,
Covering all this land.
The glow of my skin is different from your shine.
But could that really matter?
Is this really true?

Its not me,
And its not you.
So why do people see us differently,
Us two?

I just wrote this poem in response to racism. I wrote this in the point of view of two little kids who have yet to be introduced to the concept of racism. They are young and perhaps more open to ideas than adults. They look at the world with completely different eyes. They don't look at the differences, but at what makes each and every person shine. Its the beauty of innocence.

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  1. i love that poem hillary! There are many underlying issues besides racism in the poem, that once brought to the surface make a lot of sense relating to racism. the rhyme is also a nice touch. next time though, could you make the poem a bit longer? it was so good and i wanted more :)!