Monday, November 22, 2010

Research Assignment #1: Teen Pregnancy

          So for my first research topic, I decided on teen pregnancy. I found this article in the New York Times ( about how the teen pregnancy rate is rising. This includes of births, abortions, and miscarriages. While reading this, it really made me upset because not only are the young girls ruining their lives, they're ruining the life of their baby on deck. Let's face it, no little girl is ready for the responsibility of being a parent. I don't care what your argument is, YOU ARE TOO YOUNG! You will be missing out on all the great things life has to offer as a young person and all of a sudden you're trapped in parenthood. Now it's good bye friends, freetime, and life as you knew it and hello hell (please excuse my language). Now you have this big responsibility that is a full time job. You have to be on top of your game 24/7 and trust me, the stress is not exactly a pro either.
          This following poem is a poem about a girl who has witnessed her sisters third miscarriage. Even if you yourself are not pregnant, it can also affect you by just being around the environment. You can see the pain caused by this situation reflected in the poem:

Why Another Miscarriage
By: Roxane Faulkner

All you can do is just sit there and cry,
Why did you just let it die?
To you it's just another miscarriage,
just like the other times at your younger ages.

Did you ever think maybe,
that you could have really loved this baby?
You should have stopped all the bad stuff,
and shown the baby all your love.

I know that it really hurt you,
but it also hurt other people too.
We all know the pain you go through,
but we feel it too because we love you.

I know it's not the first,
and you feel like your heart might burst.
I know it all happens so fast,
But can you please make this one the last?

In your heart I find a big tear,
but I know how much you really care.
I really wish that I could be there,
so I can help you when life's not being fair.

So how does it feel,
does it seem fake, or all too real?
It could be possibly, maybe,
you're just not ready for another baby.

Well it's all real alright,
so love your daughter you have now, and hold her tight.
You never know when her life will end,
Too many times, its already happened.

          Some people want to rush life. Starting a family is not the most important thing. Being a mom is very tough and you have to make sure you're ready for it. You can't just jump into it because you could be putting the life of the baby at risk. If you aren't ready, how is the baby going to carry on with its life if the person who should be taking care of the baby isn't even ready for the responsibility? You should wait until you are fully matured, responsible and ready. Don't rush anything EVER! Don't try to grow up too fast before you need to. Don't miss out on all the fun experiences you can only have when you're younger. Live your life now because we're only on this earth once. Don't waste your time and appreciate what you have in your life now.

Poem Source: Please Make This One The Last, Teen Pregnancy Poems

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