Monday, November 8, 2010

Social Awareness: Response to Song/Poem on Social Issues

Silent Scream
By: Walter Muma
Is that him coming?
The creak of a stair
quiet click of the door
soft shuffle on the carpet
Is that him coming?
She stiffens…
the scream torn from her throat by fear
soundless terror ripping through her soul
Is that him coming?
She buries herself within herself
fleeing to escape
running, running, running
Is that him coming?

When I first read this, I cried. It's just that powerful. I would talk about my connection, but that's too personal. 

Anyway, some people may not see this as a social issue, but I will definitely argue that it is. Child abuse. Those two simple words may cost the life of a child. You shouldn't participate in it, and you shouldn't stand for it. I can't stress enough how despicable and wrong child abuse is. Hurting a young child, who can't know any better nor can they even stand up for themselves and put up a fight, is wrong on so many levels. And for what cost? the abusers pleasure? Does it make you happy to know that YOU are the reason that poor child suffers at night? 

"Just because they come off strong, doesn't mean they don't fall asleep crying & even if they act like nothing is wrong, maybe they're just really good at lying." A child cannot know that this isn't right. They don't know any better. All they know is that it hurts and it's wrong, but eventually they'll begin to think its normal and that's not right either. They may even begin to think that they deserve it. That it's their fault and that's not true. It's nobody's fault except for the abuser.

It really hurts to know that people actually do this and it hurts me deep inside. Especially when I hear stories of people in the news of people who witness this, but don't speak up. If you know a child being abused, or suspect that a child is, the least you can do is to try to help by protecting them. So report it at this hotline: (1800) FYI-CALL and help save the life of a child who has yet to develop their own voice. 

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  1. This response is so good Hillary!! I love how you explore the different motives and layers of child abuse. you really looked at it in a meaningful way, and though you wouldn't say your connection to the poem, through your writing I could tell you are passionate about letting children have a say in what goes on in their lives.