Monday, November 8, 2010

Social Awareness: Observations of My Surroundings

1. People stay with their own "kind". At lunch today, I watched as the different cliques walked by and saw that this was mostly true. You hardly ever see a clique of mixed kinds. The cliques include of just rich kids, Hispanic kids, black kids, the "ghetto" kids. They all stay with their own kind and hardly ever intertwine.

2. So I noticed that this world has started to become very materialistic. Maybe it has always been that way, but I'm just starting to see it. There has become a stereotype of what you SHOULD look like even if that doesn't necessarily portray who you are as a person. It's become a matter of showing off what you have or what you're going to get. And people may try to hard to "fit in", whatever that means. School, and life in general, shouldn't be about who has the better watch or shoes, but about who they are on the inside.

3. Then there's the matter of peer pressure. While the school curriculum pretty much stays on the same road, life just outside the M. S. 51 building are changing in my eyes. Why do adults try to sell drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes to kids my age? It is so depressing and it's that kind of stuff that makes me weep for humanity.

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