Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 Noteworthy Peer Blogs

I commend Fiona Socolow on her poem, 'Poem in the Mirror'. She is a true poet. I almost believe her, but not quite. And that's only because I actually know her and who she is as a person. She's so much more than a 'monster with crimson puffy eyes'. Her posts are descriptive and very clear. She always has a focus and her interpretations are beyond amazing.

I also enjoyed Gabriel Sturdivant's poem 'Narrative Poem'. It was really funny although i'm not sure if it was supposed to be. It uses descriptive language and was a really enjoyable poem since it was so relatable. I could totally hear his voice.

Sarah Safran. She is my 8th grade idol and her blog posts can even show off why. Sarah has a gift. And I am truly jealous of it. She can elaborate like there's no tomorrow. Her interpretations reach for the stars and don't come back. I also really enjoy her poetry. Her details are sharper than, shall I say it? My sister's stare.

Congrats to all my fellow bloggers!

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