Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Looking For Alaska by John Green

This last week, I finished the book, Looking For Alaska by John Green. I enjoyed the beginning half, and I think the format was definitely suspenseful. Each chapter starting at 143 days before, all the way to 1 day before, and the day before kept me intrigued. It definitely got me really excited. When Alaska died, I resented the text so much. I hated the author. How could he take the me (I can relate to this character Alaska very much, as she is bright, and crazy, and spontaneous) out of the story? She was the heart of the story and he just goes and takes her out like that? Not cool! There was still so much that I had yet to learn about her, but now there was no chance. UGH! It made me so mad.

I liked Alaska. She was a flirt, but she had boundaries. She liked to laugh, much like myself, which is kind of how I could relate to her at times. Throughout the whole first suspenseful half, I found that Alaska lived by my motto, which proved my theory even more. (My motto is "live life as happy as you can, and keep your head up" or something along those lines.)

I also saw times where I could tell she was hiding something. Its hard to do everything they try to achieve. Her mother dying while she was watching and her father blaming her definitely put a damper on her life. She would also take this out on her friends when she was feeling that pain. She almost didn't realize that she would do this. I believe she would also play pranks on the other kids in her school to make her feel better. Never to seriously injure. Though I also believe that it made her feel better about herself knowing she inflicted it onto someone purposely, without hurting them how she hurt herself, her mother, and her family.

Though I can relate to Alaska in a way, I wouldn't say we're exactly alike. I mean, for one thing, I won't die driving drunk. And although Alaska did do some pretty bad things, I can't completely blame her because I believe that when her mother died, she lost a bit of herself. She lost some of herself and sadly could not find herself back in time to save herself from death. 


  1. It's great that you can love this book and criticize it at the same time. It's an important quality to be able to read critically, and it makes a great response! Amazing job!

  2. Nice response! I like how I could tell it was coming from your voice. It's too bad Alaska died :(

  3. Great job! I completely agree with you, as soon as Alaska died, the whole book went down-hill ( I read this book a few months ago). I love how you seem to find a bit of yourself in Alaska. That is a truly special connection. Amazing response!
    p.s I am very happy you won't die while drunk driving :)