Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Revised Looking For Alaska Response

I enjoyed reading the suspenseful Looking For Alaska by John Green because its format kept you engaged. Each chapter beginning at 143 days before to the day before kept me intrigued. The book kept me really excited. After Alaska died, I resented the author, and the book itself so much. How could he take the very character i related to completely out of the picture? It angered me. I related to Alaska in several ways as she is bright, crazy and spontaneous like me. She gave the book life and energy and by taking her out to early, there were things about her we would never find out about. 

I enjoyed Alaska. She was definitely a flirt, but she still had her boundaries. She liked to laugh, much like myself which was one way I felt I could relate to her at times. Throughout the whole first suspenseful half, I found that Alaska lived by my motto. This seemed to prove my theory further of us being alike. My motto is "live life as happy as you can, and keep your head up," or something along those lines. 

Sometimes what I do best, is concealing my true feelings and shutting the world out, while acting in my own play where I fool everyone into thinking everything's okay. I could also see Alaska hiding things at times. Watching her mother die, and then being blamed by her own father definitely put a damper on her life. Then she would take out her anger on her friends and not realizing she was doing so as she hurt them. As most bullies would do, they would cause harm to other people which would alternatively make them feel better as well. Alaska seemed to play pranks on the other kids, and she did this to make herself feel better, but she never really meant to injure someone drastically. Although I also believe that it made her feel better about herself knowing she inflicted it onto someone purposely, without hurting them how she hurt herself, her mother, and her father.

Although I can relate to Alaska in more than one aspect, I wouldn't say we're Gemini's. Some of her choices, would most definitely not be one of mine. For example, drunk driving will not be the way my life will end. And although Alaska did some pretty terrible things, I do not hold that against her completely because when her mother died, she lost a bit of herself too. She lost some of herself and sadly could not find herself in time to save herself from her own death. 

RIP Alaska. 

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